First Author
First Author's unit

1. If your result is oral presentation or proceed as poster presentation, please start preparing your slides in advance and submit it to the test room at the time of registration. Specific time of the speech will be based on the detailed schedule announced by the official website of the conference. 
2. If your result was communication poster, please provide us with your electronic poster to be placed on the site of the meeting and be available for participants to view. The E-poster has a comprehensive evaluation and interactive contact system; participants will give your E-poster a score or communicate with you via email. We hope that submitted doctors actively participate.
Please login at to submit your E-poster, the submission requirements are as follows:

  1. You need to log in before submitting your E-poster (insert your poster number and the name of first author)(You can get your poster number when checking the result of your paper submission).
  2. The deadline for your E-poster submission is 18:00, 11th of June, 2018. The poster will be reviewed and if it was required for modification please be sure to modify and resubmit before 18:00 14th of June, 2018.
  3. E-Poster PPT template can be downloaded at the poster's website
  4. If you have any questions during the process of submitting you may first check the instructions for submitting electronic poster on the website. If there are still problems that cannot be solved, you can contact us either by phone call (+86 18621772867) or by E-mail ( Relevant staff will reply to you in time.

3. If your result was written communication, you do not have to prepare for oral speech and you are welcome to actively participate in the meeting discussion. 
4. For those who have already arranged to speak and cannot speak on time, please be sure to email the Secretariat before 20th of May.
5. Notice: Advanced registration will be closed in the 20th of May, 2018, Please log on to the conference website to register and pay the participation fee to enjoy the registration fee discount. Those who have not paid the registration fee before the deadline date will pay according to the site registration fee price. 
As the housing is relatively tight, delegates who need to arrange housing must make a reservation online. Without reservation, there will be no guarantee of arranging the housing. Please refer to the website of the conference for details.

  This notice is issued according to the address of the first author of the article. If you are not the author of the article, please be responsible for notifying the author of the article. Thank you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the secretariat of the conference. Due to the large number of manuscripts, there are questions and suggestions that you can use email to contact.
This letter is issued according to the address of the first author of the manuscript. If you are not the author of the manuscript, please be sure to notify the author of the manuscript.